I just got clued in to a free Rhymefest thing happening tomorrow (Thursday, November 30) in Chicago. He’s playing some sort of Courvoisier-sponsored party down at Dragonfly, 832 W. Randolph, and it looks like if you show up by 9:30 you can hit up the open bar. This will be something like the kajillionth free Rhymefest show in Chicago in the past two years, but given his dedication to not sleepwalking through any show, big or small—a rare quality in MCs these days—it should be worth getting down to. The first time I saw Rhymefest was a launch party for the Puma store at Four, where he rapped from the stairs to the second level and went on a tear about something to do with Kanye being responsible for him not being able to pay his gas bill. As a concert it was a mess, but as a shock of frenetic weirdness intruding on the sedate open-bar scene, it was gold.

In other non-sucky hip-hop concert news, Keith Murray is off the bill of the December 6 Redman/Raekwon show at House of Blues. He’s being replaced by Ghostface, which could make it the most bananafied rap concert of the year. Check out the videos on Raekwon’s MySpace page to get a taste of the insanity I’m expecting him to bring.