• You might want to put down that growler of organic double IPA

While I’m a big fan of the relatively new weekly Beer and Metal blog series by Reader staff beer geek Philip Montoro and have been known to appreciate the occasional pint of Bell’s (at least I did before I moved), I’m generally more inclined toward beers of a, shall we say, more economical persuasion. Even when money’s not an issue (ROFL) I prefer cheap beer over imports and microbrews whose so-called “texture” and “flavor” interfere with the business of drinking them.

Apparently the members of Los Angeles punk outfit FIDLAR feel the same way. I had previously gone out of my way to avoid the group due to what I considered to be a completely stupid band name, but their song “Cheap Beer,” with its noisy garage-punk vibe and pro-budget-brew lyrics (“I! Drink! Cheap! Beer! So! What! Fuck! You!”), has changed my mind. And it turns out that their name is an anagram for “Fuck it, dog. Life’s a risk,” which isn’t so much stupid as it is brilliantly dumb.

The fact that the video revolves around a vigilante driving around town meting out punishment to snobby beer drinkers only makes it better. Hit the jump to watch it yourself.