• Courtesy of Field Medic’s Bandcamp
  • Field Medic

I ride the el routinely enough that I’ve long become accustomed to all its idiosyncrasies and foibles, to the point where some days I can easily block it all out. After some time even those pesky, car-long “Epic Rap Battles of History” ads can be no more irritating or remarkable than bland, off-white wallpaper. Occasionally I’ll think about what the public transit systems must be like in other cities I’ve never been to and wonder what it must be like to wait for the rush hour train in another town, which brings me to today’s 12 O’Clock Track. It’s called “A Pikture of U,” and it’s by Field Medic, aka singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan, who plays at BART stations in the Bay Area—at least according to Tape Famous. The minimal antifolk track doesn’t replicate the sound of a BART train, but I imagine Sullivan delivers the same kind of forceful, magnetic performance on it that he provides commuters. The song is included on Field Medic’s recent Pegasusthotz EP, which is available on cassette. Here’s hoping you tape heads don’t blow all your cash on Cassette Store Day on Saturday so you can grab a copy of this EP.