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  • Will White Sox fans fill the seats this weekend with the Cubs also in town?

I’ve recently been doing some writing concerning peer-review medical studies, so I believe I know the suitable conditions for an experiment when I see them.

The Cubs and White Sox are both in town this weekend, and Friday and Saturday are Doubledays—my old Reader pal Dave Jones‘s label for when one team is playing in the day and the other at night, so one can conceivably see them both.

The Cubs are playing a Friday day game, the Sox at night, seemingly favoring the Sox for when the majority of fans could see them. The same goes for Saturday, which would seemingly favor the Cubs at Wrigley Field in the afternoon, especially for families—all other variables being equal—except that the Sox are playing a 6 PM game with fireworks afterward. The two teams play at virtually the same time Sunday.

Both teams are playing host to also-rans from western time zones: the Cubs the Colorado Rockies, the Sox the Seattle Mariners.

So who draws more fans, the first-place Sox or the fifth-place Cubs, 25 games out of first and, let’s see, with a magic number of 11 before they’re eliminated from contention and admit it’s now been 104 years since their last championship?