Mike Sula’s at Honey 1 Barbeque, where a fire broke out about an hour ago. It’s since been extinquished. Robert Adams Jr. says the fire department described it as a “spiral fire” that began in the chimney above the pit and worked its way downward. Firefighters put out the blaze through the roof and down the chimney, and the damage seems limited to the pit, the ceiling, and the windows at the front of the restaurant. Firefighters told Robert Adams Sr. that there’s no structural damage to the building. He’s not sure when they’ll be able to reopen–it depends on whether they can salvage the pit and whether or not his insurance company drags on the matter.

Neither of the Adamses was on the scene at the time the fire started. “I was having a good week,” says Adams Sr. “It was looking like it was picking up.” But “people ain’t gonna be able to do without my barbecue for that long, so I’ll be back open in a hurry.”