Reports are coming in from Reader Restaurant Raters on a bunch of new places. Here’s what Linda Mitchell has to say about Evanston’s Quince, which opened in the former Trio space last month:

“We had a reservation for 7 PM, arrived half an hour early and were seated immediately.  The “4” ranking I gave for service was for the long wait between ordering our drinks and actually getting them.  There was also a fairly long wait for our food (which we didn’t mind at all).  They said they were a little short-staffed that night.  That said, the wait staff was extremely pleasant and professional.

The food was just fabulous.  I had salmon tartare and skate wing (just perfect).  The braised short ribs were boneless and delicious. I didn’t taste anything else but my companions were raving about their choices.

Given the quality of the food, the prices were quite low.  I don’t think there was anything on the menu over $30 and a couple of things were below $20.  Our high bill was due to cocktails and three bottles of wine!

It was wonderful to be in a quiet, attractive restaurant with outstanding food that doesn’t break the bank.  Hurry to this one:  It’ll be hard to get in soon and I’m sure the prices will go up. (P.S. Valet parking: $7.)”