And here’s the early word on Smoque, courtesy of Reader Restaurant Rater Gigi Leonard:
“I suppose I fancy myself a BBQ connoisseur. Having grown up in the Chicago area, I have a fondness and affinity for that sticky-sweet-tomatoey-Carson’s-
type of sauce (not that I would complain about L. Woods either). However, having lived in the deep south for many years, I also appreciate that pit-wet-and-dry-smokey-vinegary thing as well. So I was very excited to hear that a new BBQ place had opened in the neighborhood.

Smoque is a little place on a well-traveled corner. It is very clean and brightly lit (almost too brightly lit) and there are about 20 simple wooden tables with chairs, all of which were filled when we arrived. There is an open kitchen with a counter with fresh flowers and friendly people, where you place and pick up your order.

The nice-sized brisket and pulled pork sandwiches and platters have a terrific depth of flavor, with that smoky tang that takes you to the Carolinas, or Memphis, or someplace down there. Individual ramekins of cornbread and mac and cheese are noteworthy complements, and the BBQ beans should not be missed. They do a nice salad that you can add chicken to, and they serve it with a creamy ranch dressing that makes it very rich. I think I would add a few drops of sauce to that dressing to thin it out and tang it up. All in all a lovely experience, comforting and reasonably priced. Get in there!
PS: While we were there a total of six cops came in for takeout. ‘They’ll make a living on the cop trade alone,’ my friend said.”