I’m currently haunted by dreams of Wings Around the World, a 34-flavor wing joint in Bronzeville that so far draws on nine cuisines for inspiration: Jamaican, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, “Canadian,” and “American.” It was founded by one Abeng Stuart, a Chicago native who grew up in Jamaica and later managed his mom’s nightclub, where they served–what else?–wings. Stuart developed the sauces with mother Lorna Green and manager Andre Palmer and they’re cramming to introduce 16 more to make it an even 50 in time for the Super Bowl. 

I highly recommend the nuclear Kamikaze wing, but don’t make the mistake I did of testing it before the others. At the September opening Stuart held a contest in which contestants had to eat five in a row without drinking water–only two finished.

It would be easy to get lost in all the flavors he offers, but pride in the product is evident even among his staff (cadets from the neighboring Chicago Military Academy) who take the time to identify the different varieties if you order a combination.