Though I’m a radical leftist and former hardcore kid, I’ve only owned one slogan T-shirt in my entire life, a “Censorship Is Unamerican” shirt that I rocked in middle school. But I am willing to break my own personal politico-sartorial rules for a cause I fully support: the reanimation of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. I don’t care what kind of laws have to be broken–natural, ethical, and otherwise–in order for this to happen. I just want another ODB record super fucking bad, and some sort of robotic or virtual-reality ODB isn’t going to cut it.

In other T-shirt news, Sasha Frere-Jones has loaned out his gift for music-related funny to Neighborhoodies for a batch of shirts to benefit the Global Fund for Women. So far they’ve got designs featuring Lil Wayne and Thom Yorke, and more are going up every day this week.