• Brian Jackson/Sun-Times Media
  • Alderman Scott Waguespack and his former colleague Richard Mell have agreed to drink beer and talk politics at the Hideout on April 1.

A few weeks ago Tim Tuten, co-owner of the Hideout, asked Mick Dumke and me to come on over to his tavern at 1354 W. Wabansia.

Tim led us to his upstairs office, fed us a beer or two, and then revealed his plan.

“Boys, I wanna put you on stage—live!” he said. “I’m thinking the first Tuesday of every month—like Election Day. We’ll call it First Tuesdays with Ben and Mick!”

I was like—dang, man, now you’re talking. We can sing show tunes and shit! I really want to show off my Sondheim.

“Curtains up, light the lights . . .”

But no, Tim explained, he didn’t want me singing show tunes. He wanted us talking politics, which is pretty much all Mick and I talk about anyway, once we’re done reviewing the latest heartbreaking losses by Chicago sports teams.

“It’s your show,” Tim said. “You can have guests, you don’t have to have guests—whatever you want.”

So what the hell. Let’s have some fun.

For the record, this is not the first time Mick and I have talked politics in front of a drinking crowd. A few years back we went before a inebriated bunch of hipsters at Lonie Walker’s Underground Wonder Bar.

As I recall, we were talking tax increment financing, which is hard enough to understand even when you’re sober.

In any event, our first show at the Hideout is April 1—and that’s no joke.

It will feature aldermen Scott Waguespack and Proco Joe Moreno. Mick tells me my old friend Richard Mell, the former alderman of the 33rd Ward, will also make an appearance. Provided we let him stand on a table.

“My honorarium is very modest,” Mell told Mick. “In return for me coming on the show, Ben has to stop being an asshole.”

This is going to be a good time.

It starts at 6:30 PM and costs $5 at the door. Don’t forget to TIF your server.