Chicago newcomer and blogger Gwynedd Stuart loves to eat out, but she also happens to be a poor person because she’s a Chicago newcomer and a blogger. In this weekly feature she seeks out affordable midday meals that don’t exceed five bucks (*actually seven, with tax and tip).

I don’t get down to the south side of Chicago very often. No, wait. I don’t get down to the south side of Chicago ever. Driving down 90/94 to my destination on 95th Street this week, I realized I basically hadn’t been south of the Loop (south of the South Loop, at least) since the fateful day I drove into town in a U-Haul truck this summer, still haunted by the sight of two people fishing out of a johnboat in a toxic lake in Gary, Indiana. I hope they didn’t catch anything—fish or diseases.

I live in Logan Square. 95th Street isn’t that far away. But it kind of is, right? The whole thing felt like an adventure, even though all I was doing was getting a burger. I love adventures. And I also love old diners with cheap, simple food. So, Top Notch Beefburgers was worth a ride to the end of the Red Line. (Sadly, the antique store across the street, the one with the “pray to end abortion” sign in the window, was closed, or it would have been a trifecta of likable things.)