There’s this movie that I liked a bunch when I was a kid and it’s called Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Maybe you’ve seen it. Maybe you haven’t because none of the Indy sequels will ever live up to Raiders. If we had this conversation aloud, in real life, we’d all slowly die of boredom.

So, let’s not do that.

Anyway, in Temple of Doom, our hero, Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, and the cute Asian kid from Goonies travel to India to save a village of children who’ve been kidnapped and forced to work in a mine by a guy who pulls people’s hearts out of their chests sometimes. Their journey is long and tiresome. They make it to the Pankot Palace, where a well-meaning Indian fella tries to feed them all manner of exotic foods—chilled monkey brains served in the skull, most memorably—much to the chagrin of Capshaw’s character. Finally someone brings her soup. She heaves a sigh of relief. Alas, she nudges the innocuous-looking broth with her spoon, and discovers it’s loaded with eyeballs, an albondigas soup that stares back at you.

I felt vaguely like Kate Capshaw when I nudged my soup at Taqueria Traspasada.