Sometimes it seems like real life is just a pale imitation of the Internet. I love my cat, but she has yet to ask me if she can has a cheezburger, and on the rare occasions that I leave the computer I wouldn’t have instant access to hardcore porn if I didn’t always carry at least two Internet-capable devices at all times. Even getting mugged isn’t as cool as having your identity stolen online.

But sometimes the Internet reaches across the divide and intrudes on uncomputerized existence to make things a little more bearable. For instance, tonight at the Funky Buddha Lounge the Frenchies who run Fluo Kids, my favorite I-can’t-read-it-but-I-download-all-the-songs dance-music blog, will actually be physically present, spinning some of the very same tracks they’ve put online. I imagine it’ll be a lot like living inside their blog, albeit briefly, and that sounds pretty nice.