Ryley Walker
  • Courtesy of Windish Agency
  • Ryley Walker

Local folk-music guitarist Ryley Walker is playing a free show at Cole’s tonight, Thu 12/4, with some other excellent local acts to benefit the Carrefour Collaborative. Walker has recently been performing and touring with an all-star lineup of backing musicians, comprised of some of the city’s best players, including drummer Frank Rosaly and bassist Anton Hatwich, but tonight he’s stripping things down. He’ll be playing in a duo with Ben Billington—the drummer from noisy free jazz outfit Tiger Hatchery and proggy Moonrises—and the duo will play an all-improvised set. The vibe here should be different from the mellow, beautiful storytelling that Walker has been mastering over the past few years: the energy between him and Billington has always created more frenetic, jumpy sounds. Walker says it’ll be a, “noise kinda set.” It’s always an experience seeing these guys, together or separately, so this is a show worth checking out, and it’s for a great cause.

The Carrefour Collaborative is a foundation that aims to aid the artistic development of the people of Haiti. A chunk of tonight’s bar sales go to the Collaborative, and donations are welcome as well. Things are scheduled to start at 8 PM; Crow Moses and Health & Beauty open the show.

Walker and his full band are also playing this Sat 12/6 at Bohemian National Cemetery, opening for Wrekmeister Harmonies.