I am irrationally excited to read that the brilliant local documentary film house Kartemquin Films, responsible for Hoop Dreams and many, many other great works, is behind a new doc on “cultural preservation, rural renewal and graphic design history in the Midwest” called Typeface.

It’s more to do with wood type design and the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Wisconsin, though it does illuminate the current design community in Chicago, it appears. I’m a little more familiar with the early 20th century Chicago  type designers like Oswald Cooper, designer of Cooper Black (which you might know from Pet Sounds). Mastication is Normal has a short film about the font.

Gapers Block is hosting a benefit for the film on June 15th at the Center for Book and Paper Arts; as they point out, it also happens to be the opening night for the run of Helvetica at the Siskel Film Center, another documentary about typography and design. Kismet!

That reminds me of a picture I took on Chicago Avenue. This represents either the dorkiest band ever or the hardest design firm ever, I guess.