• Ayodele Drum & Dance

Mother’s Day flowers will fade, but a gift of dance and music from Africa and the African diaspora? Pumped and indelible. Ayodele Drum & Dance will perform “Her Roots, Our Seeds” on the holiday, coming up fast.

Tosha Alston, the creative force behind Ayodele, says its name is Yoruba for “joy in the house”—which definitely describes a piece she created for Muntu Dance Theatre a couple of years ago called Ayo’s Dream. “At first Ayodele was just a few of my closest African dance sisters learning to understand and play the music,” Alston says. “As we studied, Ayodele began to grow, and we are now a very diverse group of individuals who are all here to learn. There are many dance companies—I wanted Ayodele to be a community.”

The group’s first full-length bill, “Her Roots, Our Seeds” features West African, Brazilian, and Caribbean music and dance. Saturday 5/8, 7:30 PM, Malcolm X College, 1900 W. Van Buren, $10-$20, kids under four free, 773-802-1668.