Projecting the level of filings out for a full year would yield more than 44,000 foreclosure filings in Cook County in 2008, up about 35% from last year, she said. Cook County’s 2007 number was a record for the county, representing a 47% increase from 2006 when the county’s court system processed 22,248 foreclosure filings — also a higher-than-normal total.

It’s that bad. Paul Krugman is calling for a new Resolution Trust Corporation to soften the blow while ensuring that the Caddy-driving gambling addicts in the non-banks who helped get us into this mess don’t receive welfare-to-golden-parachute assistance from the government. TimeOut‘s cover story this week is on how to take advantage of all the misfortune. Keep a close eye on property taxes while you’re at it.

Speaking of being broke, Hillary’s in the red. The consensus today on the blogs is that her candidacy is more doomed than the previous consensus believed.