Over the weekend I took a trip up to see some friends in Ann Arbor and hit the Bang!, the monthly themed dance party they put on that’s become something of an A2 institution. (This month’s installment had a heavy metal theme that made me extremely happy.)

Per usual I spent a good chunk of my trip up there watching a bunch of wild, wild videos selected by my movie geek friend CJ, including a grip of Midnight Special clips, of which the clear high point was this completely batshit T. Rex performance:

Review questions:

– How many tambourines in total are there in the video?

– How much would you pay for the percussionist’s custom T. Rex t-shirt? His entire 70s Puerto Rican pimp ensemble?

– Have you ever seen more enthusiastic backup singers?

– Do you believe that Marc Bolan used pyro to explode the speaker cabinet at the end of the clip or was he using actual wizard powers?

– Do you want to start a band that sounds exactly like this?