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  • Outside World

About a year ago, Ben Scott and Hazel Rigby, the main forces behind local indie-pop act Outside World, took off to New York City and since their arrival, they’ve released only two new songs—albeit great songs—one of which came out in February, and another that was posted to Soundcloud yesterday. It’s called “I Know You”—it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track—and it continues down the path the band has slowly been heading, taking their simple, sunny pop tunes and infusing them with more proggy passages and mathy, fractured rhythms. The star of the show, as always with these guys, is the pretty, almost awkward vocal interplay between Scott and Rigby, which weaves endless, playful hooks through the dense, knotty song. New music from these guys always gets me excited, I just wish it would pop up more frequently.