I’ve seen bands touring in some pretty unique vehicles. I booked a show once for a band that toured in a converted ambulance, and This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb probably put a couple hundred thousand miles on a rickety-assed old camper-bus conversion with its own kitchenette. But I’ve never seen anyone pushing a ride as extremely tricked-out as this: a 2005 Ford F-550 Crew Cab Powerstroke converted into a portable stage, complete with amps, a 20,000 watt PA, a lighting rig, and (yes!) a fog machine. Although it’s advertised as, “the real deal for instant rock fame,” I hadn’t heard of Picket Line — the California emo band that put 12,634 miles on this beast — until a friend (whose unsuspecting brother found it while browsing eBay for a bass amp) pointed me to this auction, so I’d probably put that down to some overly enthusiastic salesmanship. But given that it only takes 15 seconds to get the stage into rock mode — you can see it in action towards the end of this video — there’s a lot of potential for musical hilarity. I mean, are you really going to let those picketing construction workers on the corner — or that family reunion in the park, or the “Nuke All the Arabs” protesters downtown — go through life without being ambushed by an extremely loud, fast, and obnoxious recreation of the Butthole Surfers’ PCPEP? Don’t you think they deserve it? The bidding for making their most unwished-for experience come to life starts at $100,000.