As its fourth installment of Estrojam nears–it runs from September 27-30–the creators of the local showcase for female-oriented arts and culture have decided it could use a name change. Duh! I’m a man, but I think both genders can agree that Estrojam has to be among the worst names ever given to any event or organization. (Any takers out there to trademark Testosterofest?) Anyway, I suppose better late than never: go here to submit your suggestion for a new name. The winner gets a VIP pass to Estrojam 2007, whatever they’re calling it then.

I wrote a story about Estrojam the year it debuted. Back then head organizer Tammy Cresswell claimed her event was more diverse than its inspiration, Ladyfest, but this year’s event is limited to indie rock and pop stuff more than ever–the lineup includes a hotly anticipated Team Dresch reunion, as well as performances by Fannypack, Nina Hagen, and Paradise Island (the solo project of Erase Errata‘s Jenny Hoyston). Aside from the fact that the event totally ignores women working in experimental and jazz music, does that mean that women who play country, blues, and international music just aren’t edgy enough?