• Foxy Shazam front man Eric Sean Nally

The other day I was Gchatting with my friend Maura Johnston at the Village Voice. Maura is a great person to pay attention to if you like pop music but don’t have enough time or tolerance for exhaustingly overblown production and mastering to sift through all of it looking for the gems that haven’t made it into heavy rotation on KISS FM yet. So when she sent me a Spotify link to the new Foxy Shazam single, “I Like It,” I just clicked on it without thinking it was anything more than a tip on a record I probably wouldn’t have otherwise paid attention to.

My thoughts during that first spin of “I Like It,” in chronological order, went something like this:

1. “I can get down with this, in a big, broad, 70s rock kind of way.” (It’s worth mentioning that recently I’ve been on a Meat Loaf kick for reasons that I’m still figuring out.)

2. “But it still bums me out that so much of rock ‘n’ roll has made the decision to turn its back on the future and content itself with revisiting its past successes, like the middle-aged former jock reminiscing about the time his high school team went all the way to the state championships.”

3. “Wait, is that guy really saying what I think he’s saying?”

It turns out that he was, and that the chorus indeed consists of a white dude singing, “That’s the biggest black ass I’ve ever seen / And I like it.” No shit.