You really have to hand it to Frances Bean Cobain. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to grow up without a father, never mind a father who had killed himself, never mind a father whose death has been fetishized by more or less the whole world. And then on top of that to have Courtney Love as your mom? Absolutely beyond comprehension.

Frankly it’s impressive that, judging by the small amount of media coverage she’s cooperated with over the past year, the worst habits she appears to have are smoking and getting too many of those text tattoos that very pretty women in the media spotlight seem feel they need to get so they can show the world that they’re also literate.* Also she’s very pretty, which makes it understandable that fashion icon Hedi Slimane would want to take a bunch of photos of her and post them on his blog.

On one hand this makes me feel very old, but Hedi Slimane plus very good pictures plus Frances Bean somehow managing to grow up as a seemingly well-adjusted person makes me happy.

*My dislike for these stems as much from knowing that they’re inflicted by the patriarchy as from just thinking they’re ugly. And the cartoony face on her arm is pretty great.