People, especially journalists, love to talk about how fucked-up Detroit is, with its hundred-dollar homes and its mayor who wants to raze lots of houses to let large chunks of the city revert to prairie. But Detroit still has most of the things that healthy cities have: an arts community, sports teams, nightlife, stuff to do. It’s just that there’s a lot of desolate shit too.

Gary, Indiana, on the other hand, is stunningly bombed out. Aside from the RailCats there’s almost nothing to bring people downtown. In fact most of the buildings in the city center are abandoned. The majestic marble-and-granite edifice that used to be Gary’s post office has a 12-foot tree growing out of the floor in its lobby. It’s spooky.

If you’ve never visited Gary, I suggest you take a day trip. You’ll want to bring a camera. After the jump is the video for “The Ghetto” by rapper Freddie Gibbs, the biggest thing to come out of Gary since Tito Jackson, and it’ll give you an idea of the type of sights you might expect to see.