Does the situation with our country’s economy have you utterly confused? Are words like “debt,” “Dow” or “deficit” now mush to your brain? Ever wish you could sit down with a professor from, I don’t know, Yale, and have everything you ever wanted to know about finance explained to you?

Here’s your chance. In a series of 26 lecture-courses, Yale professor of economics Robert Shiller explains various aspects of financial markets. Learn about insurance, stocks, risk management, and how can learn from and respond to financial crises. The videos are available online in many formats: YouTube, iTunes Audio, iTunes Video, and the Yale Web Site.

Shiller has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics, American Economic Review, Journal of Finance, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. His books include Market Volatility, Macro Markets, Irrational Exuberance, and The New Financial Order: Risk in the Twenty-First Century.

Leave your woes to the pros.