Tomorrow, May 21, area franchises of Baskin-Robbins will celebrate “Bump Day” by offering expectant mothers free soft serve ice cream. If you’re pregnant, visit any participating store for a 3-ounce serving in your choice of cone or cup.

But what about pregnant women who aren’t showing yet–is “Bump Day” for them, too? How about women with water retention issues or women who happen to be wearing elasticized pants? And what about women who just want free soft serve? How will Baskin-Robbins tell them all apart?

“I mean . . . that’s real sketchy,” says Faizal, the director of operations for the ice cream chain’s Chicago locations, who declined to give his last name. “If they’re pregnant, they’re pregnant, and we’re going to serve them. If a woman who’s not obviously pregnant wants a cup or a saucer, we’re going to provide it–that’s what the national office told us to do.”

To make things easier for everyone, women who want free ice cream are asked to present a printout of this upon ordering. Find the Baskin-Robbins nearest you here. The “Bump Day” offer is good from 11 AM to 10 PM.