Today’s Sun-Times contains one news article and two distraught hand-wringers about Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle’s remark yesterday that Ronald Reagan deserves a “special place in hell” for his role in advancing the war on drugs. According to the S-T Preckwinkle was speaking at a “leadership conference” at the University of Illinois, hosted by Republican former governor Jim Edgar; she made the comments in response to a question from state rep Chapin Rose, who at the end of the day appeared able to be an adult about it. The story notes that afterward Rose and Preckwinkle “broke with a handshake and no signs of any ill will” with regard to some imaginary decorum Preckwinkle broke in a discussion of a controversial figure who’s been dead for eight years and out of the presidency for 24.

Later on Preckwinkle—who the Reader once named the Best Scold in Local Politics—apologized: “This is too complicated to lay all of it out on President Reagan’s doorstep,” she said, “and inflammatory language only distracts from the larger issue. Drugs, and the failed war on drugs have devastated lives, families and communities. For too long we’ve treated drug use as a criminal justice issue rather than a public health issue, which is what it is.”