I’m back after being ickily ill for a week. Beware: strep throat is going around. Now that it’s finally left me, it might be headed for you. You can pick up nasty things in a public restroom, and I don’t just mean Republican senators.

When you’ve got a Tylenol-3 hangover, you need music that’s simple and personal and not necessarily linear. You need something like Placelessness (54°40′ or Fight!), the debut from Ukrainian-born Alina Simone, who plays at the Note tonight. Simone has been compared to Cat Power and Rebecca Gates, and I can hear that. Like Chan Marshall, she leads with her voice, and her eagerness to follow that voice down just about any dark, misty path is scary and arresting. The arrangements are sparse and bare-branched with a touch of white-knuckle Americana noir, like 16 Horsepower at their broodiest. It’s a striking debut and this show is totally noteworthy (no pun intended). I’m sorry it didn’t make the Treatment this week.