• Wizard Rifle (you really should click to enlarge this one)

Portland noise-rock duo Wizard Rifle is drummer Sam Ford and guitarist Max Dameron (they both sing), and even if Dameron didn’t make reckless use of an octave pedal, the band would still attract lots of Lightning Bolt comparisons for its frenzied, pell-mell energy—the fast songs (and they’re almost all fast songs) have that great jittery urgency where they constantly sound like they’re speeding up but never actually do.

Last month Wizard Rifle released its debut album, Speak Loud Say Nothing, on local label Seventh Rule. RIYL Karp, adrenaline, crispy-crunchy outer-space riffs, and of course Lightning Bolt. Tonight’s show at Township (you may recognize the poster) starts at 9 PM. Millions, Harpoon, and Sivini open. You can stream all of Speak Loud Say Nothing after the jump.