Check out all the worst political web sites, from “campaign dogs” to a screen of raw HTML, here.

Emergency Kindness provides emergency contraception for women in need, thus helping to prevent abortions.  (Hat tip to Feministing, which has some good commentary.)

Those of us who worship at the New Yorker shrine need to know that their reporters and editors can screw up their stories badly — for example, implying there’s some kind of “Democratic orthodoxy” on gay marriage.

BerkShares are a local currency in western Massachusetts (170,000 currently in circulation) — one often-talked-about method of building up a local or regional economy. They’re no wackier than frequent flyer miles or credit card cash-back programs, and they might do some good.

Geoffrey Stone at the University of Chicago Law School Faculty blog remembers back when the school’s first Gay Law Students Association convened: “One of my faculty colleagues was outraged, comparing it to a Heroin-Users Law Students Association.”

Not just another day at the office: scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder find that dinosaurs had stomach worms. “This research is exciting because it provides evidence for the movement of tiny, soft-bodied organisms inside the gut cavity of a dinosaur.”

Lindsay Beyerstein at Majikthise explains why Cheney admitted on a right-wing talk show that U.S. interrogators practice waterboarding:  “That’s right folks, we’re destroying our constitution for the sake of a marketing campaign.”