I have to admit that amid the shouts, screams, yelps, and other histrionics he directed at state rep John Fritchey during a recent TV exchange, Geraldo Rivera made a pretty good point about the “kangaroo court” that booted Rod Blagojevich out of office.

The New York Times lets Blago make a similar point in a story today. I guess the farther people get from Illinois the more sympathetic they feel toward the guy.

I do wish Rivera had calmed down long enough to give Fritchey an adequate chance to respond. It would be nice to hear some of Blago’s impeachers explain their selectivity in condemning the wretched state of politics in Illinois and Chicago. I mean, almost all of these folks endorsed Mayor Daley in 2007–and that was after Hired Truck, the Duffs, Robert Sorich, and so on and so forth.

That said, a word of friendly advice for Fritchey: you can’t play Mr. Nice Guy on these cable TV talk shows. It’s not like Chicago Tonight, where the hosts politely wait for their guests to finish a point. This is like mud wrestling. If they yell at you, yell back. Here, study congressman Barney Frank battling Bill O’Reilly–he’ll show you how to do it.