I’m only just beginning to wrap my head around the article, but this piece in the Boston Globe is a very, very good start if you want to understand the Obama-Rezko-Allison Davis-public housing-Daley nexus. None of it seems especially new, but it is a fine overview.

Also related in ways I’m still figuring out:

“Public housing limbo: Thousands of families displaced. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent. Years behind schedule. What went wrong with Chicago’s grand experiment.” Trib piece from Sunday on the CHA’s Disorganized Stab at Slum Clearance Plan for Transformation. (via Division Street)

“American Murder Mystery”: Atlantic article from a couple months ago on the on the Gautreaux program backlash and its relationship to rising crime rates in smaller cities and ring suburbs (see Harold Henderson’s review of Waiting for Gautreaux for background)

Steve Rhodes over at Division Street points out that the Trib article isn’t particularly surprising; that goes double if you keep up with the Chicago Reporter and its outstanding housing coverage.

All of this is part of a narrative; it’s a complex one, however.