In 2005, Tori Marlan told the heartbreaking story of Lois Nelson, principal of the education program at the Joliet Correctional Center, and Daniel Holland, an inmate, who fell in love while working together on the prison newspaper.

“They wore each other’s wedding rings, though they never made the marriage official. That was just one of many things they didn’t do in their 13 years together. They never went on a proper date, never sat next to each other in a movie theater or across from each other in a restaurant. They never cooked together, sorted their laundry together, or stood at the bathroom sink and brushed their teeth together. They never took a vacation, never even left Illinois. He never got to know her three children. She never got to feel him against her in the middle of the night.

“She wanted these things, of course she did. But she realized early on that she was with Dan for the here and now. Because nobody was guaranteed a tomorrow, and because life was so much better with him in it–even if he was in her mind more often than he was at her side.”