All right, I know this is slightly old news. But I just can’t get rid of the mental image of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson personally flying a bunch of British evacuees from Cyprus to London. I’m not talking about some upper-class-twit-mobile with wings either–turns out he’s licensed to fly large commercial jets, and this one was a 757.

Does it get more metal than that? If you think it can, tell me how! I’ve been wracking my sloshy little brain.

Fortunately, the cover art for their forthcoming album, A Matter of Life and Death, suggests to me that Iron Maiden will continue to deal with war-related themes with metal’s traditional understatement and sensitivity.

Metal is shameless about celebrating action-hero or anti-hero fantasies–so much so that it’s almost in bad taste to have a guy show that he has some actual skills relevant to the profession. It’s like Dickinson’s mocking us–go ahead, bang your head, enjoy your bad-ass fantasy…don’t let it bother you too much that I know how to fly a fucking huge passenger plane and you don’t. Oh, and that I rescued a bunch of people and you didn’t. Here, have some guitar tabs, couch-god.