The esteemed critic David Bordwell has written a hilarious piece on the preening and posing of film lovers called “Games Cinephiles Play.” Especially rich is his section on “Upsmanship,” in which two fictional cinephiles, Jules and Jim, face off using the breadth strategy (“The DVD from Austria fills in the missing scenes with stills. Oh, you didn’t know there were missing scenes…?”), the longevity strategy (“I liked it when I saw it in 1971. In fact, I liked it so much I wrote about it for Sight & Sound.“), the depth strategy (“I especially liked the scene where the camera tracked sideways, picking up the back of the guy who’ll turn out to be so important in the end.”), and the insider strategy (“The director sent me a rough cut on DVD a few months ago.”).

I think Jules and Jim is the title of a film, but I’ll need to check on that and get back to you.