• Garotas Suecas

Just about every piece of American writing I’ve seen lately about the Brazilian rock band Garotas Suecas (“Swedish Girls”) has mentioned tropicalia, a multidisciplinary arts movement that lasted more or less from 1968 till ’70. Its best-known musical exponents were Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Tom Ze, and Os Mutantes. I suppose I can detect a slight Os Mutantes influence on Escaldante Banda (American Dust), Garotas Suecas’ brand-new album, but it’s marginal at best—if you can hear it at all, you’ll hear it mostly in the emphatic, falsetto-peaked singing of Guilherme Saldanha. I’m not sure how “tropicalia” came to be the go-to word for describing the band. “Lots of lazy music writers” is my best guess.