On Monday WGCI on-air personality DJ MoonDawg released the sequel to January’s We Invented the Bop, and with the temperatures finally sitting well above the 50-degree mark the timing is perfect for another batch of sunny, pop-oriented hip-hop tunes. Some of the usual suspects in the scene show up on the mixtape including Sicko Mobb, Stunt Taylor, S.B.E, bop king Dlow, and all three members of M.I.C, but there are also some lesser-known artists such as Keyani, who had previously collaborated with bop leader Breezy Montana. The newcomers who really caught my ear on We Invented the Bop 2 are west-siders M.B.E., aka Mill Boys Entertainment, whose airy “Have a Party” glides along with a blissful, bubbling synth melody.

M.B.E. are young; not only have the four rappers been working together for about a year, but they’re all still in high school and three of the members are 15 years old. Only Ace Lord, a junior at Collins High School, is old enough to get a driver’s license. Ace Lord, Lil Ballout, D-Money, and Cadoe cloak their voices in just enough Auto-Tune on “Have a Party” to make it difficult for their ages to really register—that is, unless you’re looking at the song’s video. M.B.E. made “Have a Party” shortly after meeting a producer named Mistro in January, which is when they also initially dropped the track. But the song really started taking off when they released its video in early May—in about a month it already racked up more than 100,000 YouTube views.

“Have a Party” is hardly a perfect song, and I could do without more MCs singing the praises of molly—and, yes, there’s plenty of singing in addition to rapping. But M.B.E.’s triumphant mood is easy to get hooked on, and I’m particularly interested in how “Have a Party” fits into the growth of bop; the movement certainly caught on in a big way last year, and a group like M.B.E. shows that the scene is still growing and expanding, in part because younger aspiring rappers likes these guys are so taken with bop’s sound and spirit. Watching the video for “Have a Party” it’s pretty clear these guys know how to throw the kind of communal celebrations that are so integral to the bop scene.

M.B.E. are aiming to release their debut mixtape in July or August. Until then take a listen to We Invented the Bop 2 below and get ready for what is likely to be another summer filled with new bop tracks and outdoor fiestas.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.