Here’s how Concerned Women for America sees the antiwar women activists at Code Pink (Christine MacDonald at Dallas Morning News, hat tip to Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon):

“Janice Crouse, a senior fellow with the conservative Concerned Women for America, said Code Pink members … emphasize their femininity but advocate policies that are very aggressive and more often associated with men,’ she said.

“‘They cloak it all in a soft pink covering, when underneath they are hard as nails,’ she said. ‘They advocate for the most radical of leftist positions,’ such as impeachment of the president.

“Ms. Crouse said her group has no position on the Iraq war but is ‘very definitely not anti-war.'”

Code Pink’s website is subtitled “Women for Peace,” and the fourth item down on the page’s list of issues is a petition to stop “honor killings” in general and to protest the stoning death of Du’a Khalil Aswad in Kurdistan April 7 in particular. These are causes associated with men?

Surely Crouse was trying to say that Code Pink is wrong on their policy positions. What she wound up saying was that it’s “very aggressive” to oppose the Iraq War! Hasn’t the lowbrow right-wing line always been that only cowards and wimps are against war?