Today is a great day for sausage. 

For months rumors have circulated that a well-known west-side European delicatessen would be moving into to the abruptly abandoned Delicatessen Meyer space in Lincoln Square. The neighborhood chamber of commerce had little information, and the alderman’s office knew what was up but were annoyingly mum on the subject–even though workers had been gutting the interior for weeks. The Luszcz family, owners of the 37-year-old Gene’s Sausage Shop and Delicatessen at 5330 W. Belmont, the subject of said rumors, declined to comment on the record, citing unspecified “touchy” legal issues. Well, today it’s out of the bag. Gene Schulter’s 47th Ward office issued a press release announcing the Luszcz family’s purchase.

Family spokesperson Yolanda Luszcz says they’re shooting for an opening around the holidays. The fantastic Meyer sign remains intact.

Gene’s itself has a pretty memorable sign, embellished by a giant three-dimensional cow. The store itself is wonderland of imported and housemade Eastern European products, beers, liquors, prepared foods, bakery items, produce, and of course, sausage. In short, it should fill the hole left by Meyer quite nicely.