Veteran Chicago lawyer Tom Geoghegan has announced that he’s running to replace Rahm Emanuel, and he’s got a Web site to prove it (via). Some notes:

* In 2007, Noah Berlatsky reviewed his book See You In Court: How the Right Made America a Lawsuit Nation.

* James Fallows, one of the country’s great journalists, is a longtime friend of Geoghegan and is making a rare non-journalistic pledge of support in his blog at the Atlantic.

* Here’s an extensive post on Geoghegan by local progressive blogger Kathy G. of the G Spot.

* Rick Perlstein, also a friend of Geoghegan, has already created a Geoghegan for Congress Facebook page.

* Crooked Timber joins the chorus.

* Progress Illinois’ Josh Kalven is a fan.

* As is Matt Yglesias.

* Gapers Block has a good roundup.

In short, Geoghegan will get a huge push from the progressive blogosphere, probably stronger than any previous Illinois candidate short of Obama. Coincidentally, his book In America’s Court: How a Civil Lawyer Who Likes to Settle Stumbled into a Criminal Trial is on my short-term reading list and will have to be bumped up to the top.