• Alex Wroblewski/Sun-Times
  • In downtown Chicago yesterday, demonstrators protested the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

The acquittal of George Zimmerman Saturday “sends a message that it’s okay to pursue, to hunt and to kill black men,” Bernard Jakes, pastor of the West Point Missionary Baptist Church on South Cottage Grove, said at a news conference yesterday. “It says that black life is of no value.”

“Yesterday, we watched the justice system fail miserably again,” Father Michael Pfleger told his congregation at St. Sabina, in Auburn-Gresham.

But did it fail Saturday? A defendant is presumed innocent. To be found guilty, he must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. “We all know the asshole’s guilty” isn’t enough. Should the jury have convicted Zimmerman in spite of the murky evidence to demonstrate how we value the lives of African-Americans?