Fee Lion

  • Courtesy of Stephanie Bassos Photography
  • Fee Lion

Every Monday night Beauty Bar hosts Salonathon, a variety show that’s also a great incubator for local talent. I’ve discovered a couple great musical acts just by stepping into Beauty Bar on a Monday to check out the show. Admittedly, I’ve missed one too many Salonathons in recent years, but I broke the streak this week and I’m glad I did—had I missed it I’d hate to think how long it would take me to come across the music of Justina Kairyte, aka Fee Lion.

Kairyte’s kaleidoscopic pop foregrounds her gorgeous voice and balances art and accessibility. On the moody “Lovebug,” a standout from a five-song cassette Fee Lion released last month, Kairyte weaves together delicate webs of guitar distortion, a skeletal postpunk guitar pattern, minimal drum loops, a downcast key melody, and a faint hum that sounds like vocal samples slowed to a near halt. Take a listen to “Lovebug” below, it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track. Fee Lion is the first of four acts slated to play the Hideout tomorrow night, so show up promptly at 9 PM.