The cover of the forthcoming LA Club Resource compilation.

Hip left-coast label LA Club Resource has been good to Chicago since California producer Delroy Edwards launched the label a couple years ago. Edwards is fond of Chicago’s house history and has done great work breathing new life into old local recordings. I’m particularly fond of the label’s work on Street Fighter, a long-shelved EP from house producer Steve Poindexter, which finally came out earlier this year. Next week LA Club Resource drops a four-track label compilation, and the leadoff is an excellent contribution from pioneering Chicago house producer and DJ Gene Hunt called “Ow (Drum Beat).”

LA Club Resource says “Ow (Drum Beat)” is a long-lost track, and it does feel like it’s been sitting in the dirt for ages. Some of the percussion sounds like it’s being tapped out on a trash can in a separate room, and all the grime and muck adds to the song’s blissful tension. Hunt plays around with vocal samples of screams throughout the tune, and the shrill exclamations make “Ow” fit for the season—after all, Halloween is just weeks away—and a perfect follow-up to Hunt’s “Freddy’s Dead” 12-inch that came out on LA Club Resource around this time last year. Give “Ow” a spin below, it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.