There generally isn’t such a thing as a bad week for getting free music on the Internet, but this week is shaping up to be particularly decent.

After the big DJ Drama bust a lot of DJs and rappers are looking at free online mix-tape downloads as a way to get around the RIAA, which seems to think that the most effective hype-building tactic in hip-hop promotion since the wheatpasted poster is no better for business than flat-out bootlegging. No one’s really sure yet how well the move online will hold up against the Fun Police, but for the time being it looks like the real hotness for 2007. DJ/producer Clinton Sparks is the latest to get on the bandwagon—what appears to be his entire discography is now available on his Web site, including both We Got it for Cheap mixes with Clipse and Kanye’s Touch the Sky.

The Wu-Tang Clan just put a staggering 215 rare and unreleased tracks by members, associates, and hangers-on up on their site. That is a fucking lot of Wu-Tang by anyone’s standard. There’s no one single .zip file for the collection, but Idolator points out that this is a prime example of how much easier your MP3-ganking can be if you’re using Firefox with the DownThemAll extension.

If free Yung Joc exclusives and rare U-God tracks don’t do it for you, you might be more satisfied with Hello Young World Volume 2, the new mix by indie dance DJ/producer Lushlife. On one hand, a lot of his selections are the kinds of things a guy who considers the Shins baby-making music might put on a “Dance Party” iTunes playlist—the Go! Team, Pulp, Shout Out Louds—but sometimes I’m a sucker for the goofiest indie shit, so I kinda like it. Besides, I put “Disco 2000” in a set I spun over the weekend, so I can’t really talk.

If your “Dance Party” playlist is half MSTRKRFT remixes, you probably already know about Discobelle. If not, you should know that they are totally the source for post-Diplo hipster dance music. I’m an even bigger sucker for that shit than I am for indie rock, and I probably download more tracks from Discobelle than I do from any other MP3 blog. They’ve been posting a lot of good DJ mixes recently. Pump them really loud and you feel like you’re actually in a Swedish dance club with a couple hundred kids in all-over-print streetwear.