Some music geeks decide to use their vast stockpile of inane musical knowledge not to impress their peers or bore normal people but rather to make fun of other music geeks. Henry Owings is one of the top guys at that type of knowing snark, and his long-running zine Chunklet is one of the best publications ever to take the piss out of the self-serious indie-music world. (The late, great Motorbooty was another. Ten years after the original hoax, people who know I used to live in Ann Arbor still ask me if the Stooges Wax Museum is for real.) 

Owings has a new book out called The Rock Bible: Unholy Scripture for Bands and Fans. Right here is the part where I would like to be able to offer a quick review of it, but the Chicago post office has a strict “we will never deliver your books” policy where I’m concerned, and it’s claimed yet another victim.

However, I can still highly recommend his reading Saturday night at Quimby’s because the dude has a long, consistent history of being hilarious. It’s free and starts at 7 PM. If you feel like giving Owings a little taste of his own medicine, you might want to bring up the Grammy he won working under Susan Archie on Revenant’s Charley Patton set a few years back–it’s for “Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package,” aka “the Dorkiest Grammy Possible.”