Phillip Foss and the Meatyballs Mobile

Under the auspices of his new PR company, FU (for Foss Unlimited), former Lockwood chef Phillip Foss has announced a new stunt for his food truck, the Meatyballs Mobile: providing an “interactive experience” for civilians interested in creating their own sandwich. Participants e-mail their proposed preparation and name (“vulgarities free/insinuations okay”) to and, if selected, will work one-on-one with Foss to refine the recipe. Tomorrow at Monroe and Wells from 11 AM-1 PM, Brian Eng, the first volunteer, will be onboard serving his Banh Mi-tyballs, a meatball sandwich based on a recipe of his mother’s. Come early—Foss sold out pretty quickly on Wednesday, when he was peddling bulls’ balls heroes outside the Tribune Tower.