Japanese retailer Muji, known for its simple yet beautiful design of everything from office accessories to tool kits (the name is short for Mujirushi Ryohin, which means “no-brand goods”)– has opened three, count ’em, three stores in New York (and a “Muji to Go” at JFK), but the rest of the country has been pretty much out of luck. While we’re waiting, the company has unveiled a new U.S. Web site with an online shop

There are no clothes offered on it, unfortunately (other than a few accessories, like bags and socks), although the European online store has them. That’s a shame–on a trip to Paris a few years ago I picked up a great gray wool cardigan with an asymmetrical buttoned collar and a belt at the store near St. Sulpice. I can’t remember how much it cost, but it was definitely one of the more affordable items of clothing I found during a time when the dollar didn’t go very far. Look at what we’re missing out on–a nice bolero jacket, basic merino wool sweaters for men.

I e-mailed the company to ask why we’re being deprived. I’ll do an update if I get an answer. In the meantime, Slate had a good explanation of Muji’s appeal in this article from 2007.