Just, wow.

Chicago Children’s Museum officials were in the Woodlawn neighborhood Thursday night pitching their $100 million plan to relocate the facility to Grant Park to a lively group of about 200 children from after-school programs.

As the children munched on pretzels and drank from juice boxes at the Harris Park Field House, Jim Law, the museum’s vice president of planning and external affairs, said the project was good for families.


At the end of the meeting, the children were told to fill out a card urging aldermen to “support this museum for children from our neighborhood.”

Steve Rhodes asks: “Did anyone ask why the museum didn’t consider locating in Woodlawn then?” Actually, Woodlawn could use it. Woodlawn could use something besides townhouses, apartment buildings, and vacant lots. But it’s cool, because the Olympics will definitely be in Washington Park in 2016.

Chicago: The City That Wouldn’t Grow Up.