It’s not so strange anymore to find Baltimore house music outside Baltimore–tastemakers like Diplo have brought the style to the cusp of crossover success, and now every hipster DJ worth his Serato has at least a few b-house remixes on his hard drive. But it’s hard to find someone a far from the coast as Chicago who seems really serious about the stuff. Local DJ crew Ghetto Division, though, have been officially sanctioned by the Brick Bandits collective out of Jersey City, b-house’s second home–and that says a lot about their commitment to the form.

Tonight Rob Threezy, Rampage, Maddjazz, and Charlie Glitch of Ghetto Division and the Bay Area’s DJ Doza are spinning a release party for their Bmore Project 2 mix CD at Lava that looks worth checking out. For a hint as to what you should expect, in quality if not exactly in content, here’s a juke mix by Glitch and his Ghetto Division comrade D-51, released under the name Kontinental Gangstas.