Ghetto Ghouls Credit: Courtesy the artist

Austin punks Ghetto Ghouls are on tour right now, and tomorrow night, Saturday 8/22, they arrive in Chicago to play a rager at a Logan Square house venue. On their latest single, “Plastic Violence” b/w “Things,” out earlier this year on 12XU, the band plays jumpy, garage-leaning punk, but never lets things get too catchy and upbeat by blasting away at the near-melodies with ragged fury and layers of noise. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, the seven-inch’s A side, is nearly sock-hop ready, at least if the whole thing wasn’t totally steeped in bad attitudes. Check out the minute-and-a-half blast of punk perfection below, and ask around this weekend to find out where these guys are playing, because this show is sure to be a good time.